ECO-RUN Bangladesh 2015

15th July, 2024

Bangabandhu Udyan, Barisal City.

In December 2015, JICA and Bangladesh Honda Limited (BHL) joined forces to host Eco-Run Bangladesh, a prestigious competition centered around the creation of innovative, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective automobiles. The much-anticipated event unfolded on the 18th of December at the scenic Bangabandhu Udyan (Bells Park) in Barisal city.

Within this challenging competition, TEAM RUET ENGENIOUS exhibited outstanding engineering prowess in the three-wheeler category. Propelled by a 97-cc engine, their vehicle completed five laps, covering approximately 3.25 kilometers, while astonishingly consuming only 89 ml of petrol.

This exceptional achievement firmly established them as the champions in the three-wheeler category, showcasing their dedication to excellence in automotive engineering.


  • Champion in ‘ECORUN 2015’

  • Certification of Participation.

  • Champion Trophy.