Annual General Meeting 2024

17th May, 2024

Food Lovers & Kacchi Bhai

We are thrilled to announce that our Annual General Meeting 2024 (AGM) has been completed successfully on the 17th of May,2024 at Food lovers & Kacchi Bhai, Rajshahi, in the presence of

Prof. Dr. Md. Emdadul Hoque Sir


Society of Automotive Engineers RUET

Miftahul Mobin Chowdhury Shabdik Sir


Society of Automotive Engineers RUET

This event was succeeded by thoughtful conversations, well-thought-out plans, diligent member working, and the presentation of fresh concepts .

We sincerely appreciate previous committee's diligent efforts and noteworthy contributions, which have laid a solid groundwork for our future. As we begin this new chapter, we look forward to all our members ,for their continued support and active participation. We are also thrilled for our newly elected Executive Committee, who will lead us forward. Keep an eye out on our page for forthcoming amazing events and initiatives!